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Private Training

Private Training

Pets are a lot like people – individual attention can sometimes make all the difference. And not all pets enjoy large, group classes. In order to better serve your canine companions, we offer one-on-one sessions in which your pooch is given plenty of quality time with a professional, experienced instructor. 

When you enroll your pet in private training at North Oatlands Pet Center, you can expect a program tailored to your pet’s unique behavioral needs, lifestyle, and goals. And you as the pet parent will be involved every step of the way. Your dog’s instructor will keep you abreast of her progress and you’ll be asked to do a little work with your pup between sessions to reinforce lessons learned in class.


Puppies need leadership and training before all vaccines are on board.  Private training is available after 2 Distemper/Parvo vaccines and Bordatella to get started on your puppy’s training.  

This course is designed to give puppies from 12 weeks – 6 months a jump-start prior to beginning a group class, such as Canine Good Citizen.  They will learn, leash breaking, housebreaking, attention skills, sit, down, beginning stays, walking politely on a leash, and coming when called. Give your puppy a headstart to a beautiful relationship with you and your family! 

Length: 3 sessions (60 min/session) = $300