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Show Handling

Show Handling

Beginner Show Handling

This is a class for handlers with young, inexperienced show prospects as well as those handlers who are new to showing dogs. You will learn how to show your dog to their best advantage so that the judge can’t take their eyes off of them! Subject matter covered in this class is:

  • Proper Equipment
  • Gaiting
  • Stacking
  • Judges Examination

Your dog should know basic behavior like how to walk on a leash on your left side and how to stack. They should also be very comfortable around other dogs.

Length: 7 weeks
Cost: $165

Advanced Show Handling

This class is for those handlers with dogs 6 months of age and over who are getting ready to go to shows. This class is also for those who know the basics and want to learn more about the art of showing their dog at shows and getting them “ring ready”.

  • Ring Procedure
  • Ring Patterns
  • Show Preparation-what to take to the show
  • Conditioning-mentally and physically

Length: 7 weeks
Cost: $165

Show Handling Practice Sessions

These one-hour sessions are aimed at aspiring show handlers who want to develop, hone, and polish their skills in a supportive yet realistic environment.

Sessions take place every Wednesday from 7 – 8 pm, starting August 5th. In the interest of flexibility, participants are welcome to show different dogs on different days.

The instructor will play the role of show judge rather than teacher. All experience levels are welcome.

Three hours: $60
Six hours: $108

The skills dogs learn in our seven-week long show handling courses are multi-faceted and long-lasting. Our professional and experienced instructors know what it takes to make a dog stand out in a crowd, and we devote our lessons to helping your pet become so comfortable with these new skill sets that they’re basically second nature.

Upon completion of these courses, pets will be able to perform gracefully and confidently under pressure, meaning less stress and more fun – and maybe even a few prizes – for you and your animal companion!

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