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Therapy Dog Class

Therapy Dog Class

This class is open to dogs over six months of age. It is designed to create a dog that is reliable and comfortable in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort, alleviate stress, and anxiety. There are a variety of different therapy areas for each dog/handler team to excel in. There is hospice, nursing homes, hospital, reading programs for elementary schools, and many more. Our trainer will help you identify where you and your dog might best be suited.

Upon completion of our therapy dog course, your pet should be ready to take the Therapy Dog International Test. To be eligible for this course of training, your dog should be friendly, well-behaved, and love people. He or she must have successfully passed our AKC Canine Good Citizen course or have a solid foundation in basic and advanced obedience skills, as well as trainer approval. 

Length: 7 weeks
Cost: $165

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